Our Goal:
Bringing the look and feel of real FX
To make your wargames
and tabletop games come to life

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Our Second Kickstarter is here BattleFX: Fantasy Late Pledge available


Our first successful KickstarterThe next level of playable realism and interaction

  • Idea

    Why is it that, if my minis are firing and running and exploding things, everything is so static? We have to change this!

  • How?

    We in Deadly Print Studios know how to spice battles up to make them feel more spectacular and realistic. using our experience in FX and 3D printing, and want to spread the word!

  • What?

    We offer a huge bundle of files ready to 3D print and incredible strech goals to add to every aspect of your games

  • Want More?

    Daily updates! Check out our instagram , blog. and Youtube!.