BattleFX – Epic Explosion – Part 1

In BattleFX by Juanpe

Hi guyz! How are the holiday’s treating you? For the next few posts we will explain the process we go through  to create one of the Epic Fx that will be the core of our  fast approaching Kickstarter!

In this first post we’ll be covering the lighting part and the first steps of the painting, so let’s do it!

We bought several types of cheap led candles. This is really easy to find in plenty of online shopping websites for dirt cheap. 

This is the final printed version of the explosion. We printed it upside down, and removed all the supports and left-over bits. We then proceeded to make a small hole at the base, in which we then insert the small led from the led candle. Very easy!

Several of our biggest Epic FX are designed  to be easily  upgraded with this kind of led candle. Just remove the plastic top and insert the led at the bottom of the explosion.

On this instance, the led we used was particularly small, yet the final result with the transparent PLA looks really cool, don´t you think?  It´s time to prepare the explosion to be painted.

Now, explosions are balls of fire and smoke, and fire can be any color. We have created 4 examples with our 3D program to show you different color choices – the FX adapts to your army! Hopefully these examples can help you with the painting process and give to you a few references. our choice of color for this example will be red-ish.

This video is a speed painting process, showing you how we started the base painting as well as the first layer of red. This first video focuses on the airbrushing part, and in the following post we’ll be showing how to start to paint with brushes.

Paints I used in Part 1:

Vallejo Surface Primer White (74.600)

Vallejo Airbrush Thinner (71.161)

Vallejo Game Color Scarlett Blood (72.106)

We hope you like it and, as always, happy printing and painting!