BattleFx – Size Categories

In BattleFX by Juanpe

S - Muzzle Flash

It has the widest range of destruction effects and shooting effects: Muzzles Flashes – Missile Pods – Curved Missiles – Morter – Stylised Morter – Residual Smoke – Plum Smoke – Floor Smoke – Trusters


M - Barrels with interchangeable Fx

It's a mix, weapon and scenography effects: Tank Fires – Barrels with FX – Sci-fi Barrier – Orbital Attack – Grenade Explosion – Bomb Explosion – Battleship Attack – Smoke Shell – Flamer – Sci-fi Weapons


L - Big and more detail FX

The Big Boys. It takes some time to print, but it also turns your war gaming table into a real battlefield: Big fires – Water Explosion – Smoke Grenades – Generic Explosions


E - Destructible Scenary


The Kickstarter Star Product, the Epic Fx! Destructible and reassemblable scenography with many different pieces and lighting Fx.

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