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Painting smoke and fire bases

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We have developed a broad range of smoke and fire bases to sustitute the GW stick. Here a small guide how to paint it, full of small tricks that will help you to paint all kind of smoke and fire Fx.

We are going to follow the paintig of 2 bases and fire thrusters of this Orlocks.

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Epic Flyer Base and damage markers

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Epic Flyer base

We really hate the base that comes with the 40K flyer units.

We decided to create something cool and with our cinematic touch.

A really minimal building, a bit gothic, really 40K human style.

Led used:$2bbf08565b6e4bf9b1ba6c090d1f9546&ck=in_edm_other

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Looking around in internet for good transparent/semi translucent filament, We found this brand. All the cheap brands we tried are decent, but we wanted something better for some fx. This time we tested this “Premium” Pla.

This Czech manufacturer have a broad range of pla, abs, nylon etc. In this case we are focus in their line of Crystal Clear Pla.

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