Epic Flyer Base and damage markers

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Epic Flyer base

We really hate the base that comes with the 40K flyer units.

We decided to create something cool and with our cinematic touch.

A really minimal building, a bit gothic, really 40K human style.

Led used: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005001630725644.html?ug_edm_item_id=1005001630725644&tracelog=rowan&rowan_id1=sellerExtendBuyerAcceptGoodsToBuyerV2_1_es_ES_2021-12-10&rowan_msg_id=1783301349163299$2bbf08565b6e4bf9b1ba6c090d1f9546&ck=in_edm_other

Adding and explosion and a led, all simulated with film techniques, gives to the base a really dynamic look.

Damage markes

When your all playing all kind of wargames we use dices to know the damage has been done to vehicles. It’s a mess up and you or your opponent usually forgot about that.

We wanted to create something really visual and easy to follow markers.

In 40k for example to know the level of degradation of a vehicle.

We created 4 style of markers and 3 sizes of each one, all of then ready for magnets. You can use blue tack or similar to! ( remember to use clear varnish too! We don’t want to mess up your painting!)

You can check the files here: https://deadlyprintstudio.com/producto/damage-markers-1-bundle/

If you want a physical copy of markers or the base, please, contact us by email to deadlyprintstudio@gmail.com.

If a lot of people want the file of the base, we will work to realease a easier and less heavy file of it in the website.

Thanks for your support, and as always, Happy 3D printing!