In 3D Printing by Juanpe

Looking around in internet for good transparent/semi translucent filament, We found this brand. All the cheap brands we tried are decent, but we wanted something better for some fx. This time we tested this “Premium” Pla.

This Czech manufacturer have a broad range of pla, abs, nylon etc. In this case we are focus in their line of Crystal Clear Pla.

When It arrived the first thing you see is a high quality package. For sure the price is higher too. Around 25€ for 750g of PLA.

The rolling is perfect. A bad rolling can give to you a bad printing experience, We tell you from our experience T_T.

So, time to print! We have test it this filament from 195 Cº to 210º, and we are really impress. With 195 Cº You can perfectly print with it. We test it with 0.4 and 0.2 nozzle with no problems or clogs.

We test it with our water Fx and we love the results! We don’t want to use another filament since then!

Our friends of Waaag Fest! need a lot of water explosion, so that give it to us the perfect excuse to create and try the filament even more.

We have tested the consistency in the diameter to close to the finish and It’s good as expected of this premium filament.

What to say about this filament, for us is perfect. If you need something transparent and want quality this branch is your choice. The only downguard is the price, but quality wise is amazing.

We try this website in Spain and all good:

Hope you enjoy our small review! We are going to have more activity in the blog, so stay tuned!