In BattleFX by Juanpe

In essence, BattleFx is the core of Deadly Print Studio, giving all of us an easy way to take your game to a whole new level of detail and realism. We hope that this post helps to create some hype about our Kickstarter!

Why now?

3D printing nowadays is more affordable and easier than ever. We use a normal FDM printer for all our prototypes and final products, personally painting them to deliver the easiest and best result possible.

Not only that, but you now have many websites that offer to print your files and send you the end result, in case you don’t want to invest on an FDM o a Resin 3D Printer yourself.

What are we offering?

You are getting a bundle with more than 60 Printable Fx files, divided into 4 categories:

  • Small: Muzzles flashes, missiles, mortar explosion, reactor fire, residual smokes, trusters etc…
  • Medium: tank muzzles, barrels pack, orbital attack, grenade explosions, holographic hexagon barrier, battleship beam explosion, smoke shell, etc…
  • Big: Big columns of fire, water explosions, smoke grenade, water trails, etc..
  • Epic: Destructible terrain and complex Fx.

During the pre-campaign we’ll show you on this blog and social media some final painted examples in all the categories, used in real miniatures.

The stretch goals will be announced on the Kickstarter project website, so way more Fx coming soon!

How do I join?

As with any other 3D models, to get the most out of the printable models from this Kickstarter you will need to have a well-tuned 3D printer, capable of printing at a minimum .2mm layer height (ideally .12mm). Often you may need to create support for the effects. For an easier user experience, you will have a PDF manual to help you. You will receive an email with all the .stl files, ready to use. You can easily scale down or up the model to fit your wargame necessities – you will find the whole range of scales that are suitable for each model in the PDF.


On the last day of the Kickstarter campaign you will receive an email with the initial bundle. You will also receive a detailed PDF to unlock the maximum potential from your BattleFx bundle. One month later you will receive your rewards from the stretch goals of the Kickstarter campaign.


Don´t you hate it when that cool awesome Kickstarter project goes nowhere? Fret not! We in Deadly Print Studio have more than 70 Fx already developed, printed and tested. More than 30 have also been painted! Half of them have been created procedurally, so create new versions from your feedback is really fast and easy!