Pla for the PLA god!

In 3D Printing by Juanpe

It’s crazy how many different filament you can find on the market. Solid or transparent colors, different textures, varied lengths, brands, and prices depending on whether you are buying it from America, Europe, Asia or Wakanda.
And as always, is up to you to choose the best deal for YOU.

On this occasion we want to talk about the brand we use almost everytime.

Enotepad is a cheap and medium quality filament. We print all the BattleFx bundles with it. We’ve tested a wide range of filaments, and this one has a good quality/price ratio. You’ll easily find 1kg/1.75 mm for 15 or 17€.
Enotepad has a good saturation in comparison to the rest of lowcost filaments, specially red and green colors. Depending on the color we set the printer to keep it between 200 and 210 degrees.

Our two favorite colors are silver and transparent. Silver has an amazing finish, really similar to the old plastic of Games Workshop. We’ve tested it in FX but althought in diferent commission and the finish is really good. For water/smoky FX, we love the transparent one. It’s really helpful when we want to give them a realistic Fx look colored with glazes.

We have tested the printer’s speed up to 90mm/s and it’s working smoothly . Depending on the size of the item, we usually print between 40 to 90mm/s.

The diameter of the filament is constant throughout the spool (We still have to buy a better digital calibrator for a better accuracy).

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