BattleFx: Defenders of Humanity – Late pledge – Digital


Our 5 Kickstarter! Visual Fx for your Astra Millitarum army!



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What’s included?

Leman Russ
– Battle cannon fx
– Demolisher cannon fx
– Dirt and smoke from tank tread
– Sides/front laser cannon
– Sides/front bolter muzzle
– Side/front bolter bullets shells
– Gatling turret fx
– Exhaust smoke (2 models)
– Exploading turret from inner explosion

– Small battle cannon fx
– Repetition laser fx
– Double gatling muzzle flash
– Heavy stubber muzzle flash
– Double muzzle flash

– Tank shot fx
– Dirt/smoke from sides of the tank

– Auto cannon muzzle
– Multi laser fx
– Plasma fx
– Flamer fx
– Missile tale smoke //////
– Smoke exhaust (2 models)

– Laser pistol fx
– Laser fx
– Heavy laser fx
– Mortar fx ( 2 models)
– Grenade launcher smoke
– Hand flamer fx
– Flamer fx
– Plama fx (2 sizes)
– Bolter muzzle flash
– Bolter pistol muzzle flash
– Fusion riffle muzzle flash
– Krieg kill team bundle (5 fx)

– Multi melta fx
– Small flame for flamers

– Missile flame from ignition
– Smoke tale from missile

– Reaper gun fx
– Shield fx

– Epic flyer base
– Missile tale smoke

Extra Bits
– Flag
– Body bags (4 models)
– Dead body

Tank accesories
– Ammunition box
– Shovel
– Sand bag (2 models)
– Tools

– Artillery amunition x9
– Artillery amunition x2
– Artillery shell with residual smoke

Number of files: 61 .stl


Stretch goals

Chimera heavy flamer
Hydra Auto Cannon muzzle flash
Destroyed tank smoke ( All the options we can develop for each turret)
Wyvern mortars smoke fx
Infantry rocket launcher fx
Valkyrie – Small rockets
Ogrym Electric maul
Deathstrike – Smoke tale

Impact in metal Fx
Leman Russ – Big Plasma
Hesco (2 designs) and walls (2 designs)
New Field Ordnance – Fx’s

Rear plasma heat dissipation fx
Cammo net for big vehicle
Adapt all fx for new sentinel
Flare for aircraft
Cammo net for small vehicle
Valkirie jet fire
Inferno cannon – liquid fx


You will recive 4 different .zip files. Basic bundle, late pledge, customfx and fixes.

CustomFx will be added when clients sent the ideas and we create it.

Fixes will be added and announced here at the beginning of the product description.



What you are purchasing is a .STL file. This file is ready and tested in resin (Elegoo Saturn), please use this in FDM printers by your responsabilitie, never tested.

The quality of the product depends on the profile, printer and quality of the resin/filament. If you have any problem, don´t heasite to contact us.

This is only for personal use, We don’t offer commercial licenses! If you want more information, please contact us at