Adeptus Custodes – Bikes Fx – Bundle – Digital


All files comes pre-supported!

Dawneagle jetbikes smoke bases, muzzle flashes, missiles and more! This beatifull and powefull moder deserve a cool base! We hate GW sticks and we add more dynamic look with our bases plus cool visual effects!


23/05/2023 —–> added 2 new bases

12/04/21 ———–> Updated versions (v003) of the scenics smoke supported versions. Ready for Photon Workshop users.

12/04/21 ———–> Updated versions (v002) of the scenics smoke bases and supported versions

You will recive 16 files. Non supported and pre-supported .stl

  • 2 type of missiles
  • 2 types of muzzle flashes
  • 2 types of thruster
  • 2 scenic smoke bases


What you are purchasing is a .STL file. This file is ready and tested in resin (Anycubic Photom), please use this in FDM printers by your responsabilitie, never tested.

The quality of the product depends on the profile, printer and quality of the resin/filament. If you have any problem, don´t heasite to contact us.

This is only for personal use, If you need a commercial license, please contact us.