Space Marines – Inceptors backpack smoke – Bundle – Digital


We hate that horrible base of GW, so here we have a cooler and more dynamic bases for our Inceptors! A really detail and smoky base, in 6 variants. Recently updated with better fit and even cooler look! Pre-supported


*This backpack smoke bases don’t work in the Dark Imperium Inceptors



——> 07/12/2023: Updated versions of all models. Better fit, better smoke angles and a brand new model. Now you have 6 models.

——> 15/12/2021: Added hollowed pre-supported versions for resin printers

——> 22/11/2019: Added hollow versions. Added longer small trail smoke for people that don´t have the separate box inceptors (looks like they are a bit different) in the version 1.


You will recive 6 file, 2 Small version, 2 medium and 2 larger. 


Group gallery:

Individual Gallery:

Individual with plasma Gallery:


Painting tutorial:


What you are purchasing is a .STL file. This file is ready and tested in resin (Anycubic Photom) and FDM printer (filament).

The quality of the product depends on the profile, printer and quality of the resin/filament. If you have any problem, don´t heasite to contact us.

We are using this profile, with amazing results: ( 3D Printing Pro )

This is only for personal use, If you need a commercial license, please contact us.