Orks – Rack and ammunition box bundle – Digital


How Orks move, transport and get new weapons?
Here is the answer: Weapon chests!
Boxes at Ork style. Ready to supply ammunition, weapons and more. We had to do also a treasure chest full of teeths.
Ready to resupply your WaAgHhhhH!!!



11 files and 11 Pre supported versions included.


Painted gallery:


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This is a 3D printed bit, It may contain small support material and small visible 3D printing lines. We provide it cleaned in alcohol and UV cured. We have more than 2 years of 3D printing experience and our items have a high quality and they are ready to be painted.

A very important consideration for a more translucent clear resin it’s use gloss varnish at the end of the painting. If you buy one of our bits that it’s 3D printed in grey resin, please, apply first a base coat. 3D printers resin have small translucency even in the opaque colors. If you need more information, please contact us.