BattleFX – Epic Explosion – Part 2

In BattleFX, Tutorial by Juanpe

Hi guyz! Happy New Year!

For this second part I’m sketching all the basic color with the airbrush ( I’m an airbrush maniac, but you can use a brush) and highlighting both the blazing hot and smokey dark parts of the explosion.

Once I’ve white primed the parts where I don´t want the light to go through, I made a first red coat over the 90% of the explosion.

This thin coat will help me to paint the rest of the colors. Check the video below to see how I applied the rest of the colors:

I tried to follow this color scheme as much as possible. In the video you can see how I painted these colors:

Vallejo Model Color German Gray- 70.995
Vallejo Game Color Gory Red – 72.011
Vallejo Model Color Bright Orange – 70.851
Vallejo Game Color Moon Yellow – 72.005

Soft and plane colors to finish the sketch. And now, it’s time to have some fun adding details!