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Our 3D Printers

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One of the cornerstones of our project is to use the cheapest and most commonly available printers in the market. That way we know that what we are creating can be printed and enjoyed by anyone!

For this reason, we are using 2 different printers in the studio: An Anet A6 and a Creality Ender 3.

Anet A6

This whole thing started with an Anet A6 as a test printer. Many hours of testing gave me a better on how to improve the design of the prototypes. It takes a lot of maintenance, and some timing problems arose, but we are still using it for our big prints.

Our Anet A6 has a few upgrades like a glass bed as well as tensors for the Y and X axis. We print with 0.4 nozzles and a 0.2 layer height.

Ender 3

Ender 3 is nowadays one of the best selling 3D printers. You can easily find it for less than 175$/150€! We have 2 in the studio, normally using 0.4 nozzles, the most common and reliable of its kind. For really small Fx, it’s recommended to use a 0.2 nozzle, but we first tested all the 0.4. We mainly print with a 0.12 layer height and a speed up to 90mm/s.

We’ve created several updates for the printers, and we’ve calibrated the e-steps, bed, etc.. Here are a few amazing videos that I use to improve the quality of my prints and could help you a lot:

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In essence, BattleFx is the core of Deadly Print Studio, giving all of us an easy way to take your game to a whole new level of detail and realism. We hope that this post helps to create some hype about our Kickstarter!

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Hi! How do you do? My name is Juan Pedro,

I´m from Spain and I have been working in the film and TV industry for the last 9 years. I have worked for both small and big studios and productions, creating all types of effects.

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The idea to work creating content for tabletop and wargames comes from long walks in the morning with a good pal 2 years ago. We always talked about our hobby, 3D printing, and the huge possibilities that arose from this new technology!

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